The increase of timeline used in teaching

Combining interactive timelines in classroom projects has never been so popular. Whether teachers are keen on engaging students in collaborative projects or analytical thinking, MyHistro is specifically designed for projects like this. As a tool its focus is on content creation and a more personalized style of learning.

This new approach to education simplifies complex topics taught in classrooms, illustrating important events visually on built-in maps. It features an interactive timeline where users can combine text and images whether in a classroom or at home. As an example the Israel-Palestine conflict is outlined below.

Especially subjects such as History, Geography and English Literature are excellent for illustrating events chronologically on a timeline. Mapping continuous events and linked stories present greater chances of student engagement in the classroom. As an interactive platform, MyHistro supports students to create their own content and have a go at co-authoring. It is also a great way to introduce children to use current technology and social media.

Teachers can also use MyHistro for preparing material for classes, tests and homework using simple functions. Whether focusing on in depth storytelling or simple visual projects, both teachers and students can create personalized stories. The site has a community feel, where users can share, review and comment each other’s work. MyHistro enables tutors and students to take studying from textbooks to a new level.

MyHistro helps students to understand and analyse complex content such as WWII or the Arab Spring through storytelling. An interactive timeline delivers a whole new approach in teaching. Seth Dixon, a Rhode Island College professor tweeted about MyHistro: “I love it when ancient history has modern implications.”

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