Make geography a fun class with myHistro’s geolocated timelines.

Geography is about the Earth and the Planet we live on. Its about where farmers grow crops, why rain forests produce oxygen and how natural forces destroy and create. This is where a man meets the land in agriculture. It’s as much about the climate as about geological position and society’s politics and economics.

One way of studying geography with myHistro is to break it down in to chapters. For example, focus on one location or environmental issue/cause at a time. When talking about global food crises, then we can either begin our geological journey from the issue or location.

Asking questions is a great way to approach a task. How does a geographical location affect regions climate and agriculture? What are the environmental dangers that farmers face in Central America? In what conditions does the soil grow in Bangladesh? What are the natural factors or disasters that can ruin crops/harvest?

This is where geography gets interesting. The Earth is a magical place, where in different parts of the world farmers grow different goods. From Mexico you’ll get bananas, from India you’ll get rice and tea, from Africa you get coffee and cocoa beans for chocolate. But what if bananas, tea and coffee won’t grow because of unexpected natural disasters? Whether it’s a flood, drought or thunderstorm, wildfire.

Global food crisis affects us all. To understand geography enables us to appreciate nature and the conditions the food in our fridge has grown. Myhistro’s geolocated timeline makes it possible for viewers to connect locations, context and even the factors ruining the harvest.

Here’s a fun, simple and informative timeline of the global food crisis.

Why not try making your own?

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