myHistro Extended, a new platform for web-based assessments.


myHistro is excited to introduce a new possibility integrating technology into the curriculum. Since the beginning, our aim has been visualising and mapping storytelling, whether it’s about historical events, influential figures or personal stories. But this is something unique.

Our latest feature for Edmodo users is a timeline based platform for generating tests! In contract to typical Q & A answers and tick/untick quizzes, this fresh addition provides a dynamic and functional way to conducting online assessments.

Teachers have a choice to either use timelines from the myHistro site, or create a brand new one, and convert it into a test with just a few simple steps! In myHistro we believe a timeline type of assessment encourages students to construct their answers. It also enhances their way of thinking about the context when writing down the answers.

An example page in the testStudent's view

Here are some of the key features we’re excited to highlight:

– Devise groundwork for tests by removing data from titles to event descriptions.
– Access to a comprehensive archive collection of timelines created by historians.
– Analyse results, add comments and compare with the original test on a summary chart view.

Chart view of students' work

You have the option to create a test of a timeline that consists 20 events and more, or create a simple quiz with a few events only. You choose the end result. This versatile way of testing students’ knowledge it’s far from just ticking the right answers. We wanted to introduce a completely new way assessing students’ understanding of History, Geography and Social Studies. For instance, you might have used a timeline about the history of American Civil War to present it to your class. Now you can use the same timeline for creating a test with multiple answers.

There are two ways you can do it. One way is to let students create a brand new timeline for example about Richard III or the American Civil War. Another way is to create a test by unticking all the required information on the timeline, whether its the location, description, date or the title. For instance, you might want to leave pictures in, because are a great source for sparking imagination. And once submitted, students will be able to access the same timeline with added comments and the final grade.

Adding a new test

myHistro Exteded app is available from the Edmodo store for 9USD per year.

For step by step guidelines check out our Prezis.

How to create a test on myHistro Extended

How to edit a test on myHistro Extended

How to review and grade tests using myHistro Extended

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