About myHistro

www.myhistro.com is an interactive chronicle, a new way of social blogging for individuals and organizations. It is the different way for telling stories and keeping histories alive.

myHistro combines maps, timelines, photos, videos and blogs/posts to capture past events or memories, organize these and tell stories. myHistro can simultaneously visualize all three dimensions of a story: where, when, and how.

myHistro allows for easy to create histros (i.e. interactive stories in MyHistro’s format). Histros are designed for people who want to keep memories alive, by recording and sharing important life events, but it is also a great tool for teachers who want to engage their students further or for journalists that want to give a more exhaustive coverage of a specific topic.


Social tools and data export/import

MyHistro has many internal social features like Co-authoring, People in this event, I was here too and Follow the story that create inter connectivity and unlock subsequent features, like friend’s updates or our much appreciated Today in my history.

Created stories can be easily distributed and saved in other formats. There are several ways to export data and histros (e.g. CSV, KML, HTML embedment, and soon also creation of slideshows / DVD).

Although there are options to easily import data from other websites (e.g. LinkedIn’s experience & education, Foursquare’s check-ins, Geni’s family trees) MyHistro’s focus is still on content creation and it will never become a fully automated service to just collect data from existing social networks.


Company background

Histros Inc. has a background in history visualization; our previous project was an educational website, http://www.histrodamus.ee , which has won several awards (incl. Science Popularization Grand Award and Best Estonian e-service). With myHistro we are aiming to give the same functionality of Histrodamus to regular users.


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