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Using pictures to enrich your timeline.

Have you ever seen a history book without pictures? Neither have we. In myHistro,  stories and pictures go hand is hand, just like in history books. Images are bound to provide information and clarity into your timeline. Whether you are … Continue reading

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myHistro Extended, a new platform for web-based assessments.

myHistro is excited to introduce a new possibility integrating technology into the curriculum. Since the beginning, our aim has been visualising and mapping storytelling, whether it’s about historical events, influential figures or personal stories. But this is something unique. Our latest … Continue reading

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Where do we come from?

I remember sitting next to my great auntie listening to her talking about dad’s side of the family. At the time she was 75 and was the only person in my hometown who had the most vivid memory of our … Continue reading

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Make geography a fun class with myHistro’s geolocated timelines.

Geography is about the Earth and the Planet we live on. Its about where farmers grow crops, why rain forests produce oxygen and how natural forces destroy and create. This is where a man meets the land in agriculture. It’s … Continue reading

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Multimedia storytelling with myHistro

Bryan Alexander, an author of the New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives laid grounds with his book sharing his experience in blending personal life and digital technology. Nowadays technology is accessible for everyone. From mobile devices equipped with high-resolution cameras to videos … Continue reading

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The increase of timeline used in teaching

Combining interactive timelines in classroom projects has never been so popular. Whether teachers are keen on engaging students in collaborative projects or analytical thinking, MyHistro is specifically designed for projects like this. As a tool its focus is on content … Continue reading

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