myHistro and Education

We have worked with history for years and created different ways how to organize and present historic events and to tell stories from the past (educational history, corporate history, personal memories, family history etc.). Our different services ( and have won several awards (incl. Science Popularization Grand Award, World Summit Award and Best Estonian e-service) and it is said in media: “Histrodamus has made a gigantic step for introducing complicated history, making a dry history (lesson) interactive and visually attractive.”

We believe that myHistro is a great teaching tool which supports learning (of history, geography, biology) in several ways:

                  General /timelines
o   Our tools allow students to study history interactively and on the Web, making history learning more appealing to digital natives.
o   myHistro visualizes historic processes and events in map and timeline, allows to understand simultaneously all three dimensions of a story: where, when, and how.
o   Allows to better understand the whole narrative and how different historic events influence each other.

In the Classroom

o   Teacher can easily prepare interactive materials for every lesson,
o   Interactive learning by watching and commenting stories,
o   Can be used for grading and testing very easily;

At Home

o   Ideal for creating independent projects (homeworks) in history or geography. It is a great tool to asses a student’s understanding of a specific subject and be sure that the student is not just memorizing dates and names but is actually connecting the dots,
o   Students can use the timelines created by the teacher to study at home and prepare for tests,
o   Well suited for group assignments due to various collaboration tools (co-authors, exporting information into CSV or KML, commenting, Follow this story etc.),
o   On Myhistro, students never stop learning. Thanks to “Today in History“ notifications they can recall something they already learned or even learn something new.
Here are some sample views/options below:

1.       Map&timelineview (history class project about Civil War),
2.       Story summary view (History of the sports league),
3.       Read more view (Geopolitical events of the past decade),


4.       Embedded sample story of modern Olympic Games.

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Write for us: the first timelines created

On August 1, 2012 we launched a “write for us” program to increase the number of timelines in our database. These are the first timelines that have been created.

Since we launched our program, several people have successfully joined our team of writers. We´ll introduce you some of them.


Naomi has been the very first person to answer our call. She saw our post on a popular writing forum and decided to give it a try. She signed up, created her test timeline and when asked for feeback she had this to say about the program:

I think the payment scheme is fair and from what I can tell at this point seems inline with the amount of work needed to create the timelines. […] I found the creation process very easy and very straight forward. Actually it was quite enjoyable.

Her test timeline was a short biography of Douglas Adams, author of the science fiction comedy series “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” from where we get the famous quote “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42“.

The timeline is quite synthetic but well within our guidelines. The application was gladly accepted and she has since created a second timeline. She chose again from the list of topics suggested and created a timeline of the best speeches in American History. Very interesting indeed.


Henry is our second writer. He hasn’t managed to answer our email yet so we don’t know much about him but his history of Starcraft themed timeline has been accepted and he will be earning money with it too.


Did you like their timelines? Then go show some appreciation. They are eager to receive your “likes”, “shares” and comments.

Do you think you can do better? Then joins us. Go to the write for us page and follow the instructions.

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Write for us!

MyHistro is looking for writers…

and will pay you to do what you already enjoy: creating timelines.

Create interesting and well-written timelines on different topics and get paid based on the attention they generate.

Sign up, submit your application and start writing right now.

To read more info about this go to the page or follow the instructions in your dashboard.

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12 Olympic History Facts

12 Olympic History Facts

Some interesting facts from Olympic history (infographics)

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myHistro iPhone app is ready!

Our iPhone / iPod app is ready and available at iTunes! Now you can create stories and events on the go. Keeping a travel journal or a simple diary has never been easier.Image

But there are even more good news. To celebrate this, we are having a crazy iPod Touch giveaway. For every 500 participants we increase the number of iPods given away so your chances of winning are always good. Do not miss this opportunity and remember: Winners will be selected on July 31 2012.

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Geopolitical events of the past decade

The TOP 10 geopolitical events 2000-2010 (By Stratfor )

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Corporate history as social capital

Corporate histories are underused resources which are great source for social capital. Learn how to use it:  

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